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Looking for an alternative to court for your dispute? Alpern Schubert P.C. Personal Injury Attorneys offers impartial arbitration and mediation services in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding area. Our attorneys – Charles H. Alpern, Richard J. Schubert, and David C. Brumfield, will use their considerable experience to help you and the other party find a successful resolution for your dispute.


Arbitration is a specialized type of alternative dispute resolution that is used to settle cases out of court. In essence, the parties to a case allow one or multiple people to decide the outcome of their case, and they agree to accept the decision that is given. The dispute can be settled by a single arbitrator, an arbitral tribunal, or arbiters. Mediation is a popular type of alternative dispute resolution as well and it is where negotiations are facilitated and held by a third party that is neutral to the case. Mediation is considered non-binding.


In simpler terms, arbitration is binding while mediation is non-binding. Arbitration is different from other types of dispute resolution, and is very similar to litigation in court, without the actual courtroom or judge. Determinations by experts and mediation are both focused more towards negotiation, while arbitration is focused on a final and binding decision. Arbitration is commonly used for things like international commercial transactions, commercial disputes, or other similar things. Arbitration can be either voluntary or mandatory and can be either binding or non-binding.


Mediation is also known as alternative or appropriate dispute resolution, and it is designed to assist two or more people in settling disputes through negotiations and agreements. Whether mediation results in an agreement or not, the actual parties are the ones that decide the actual outcome. They do not have to comply with orders or accept the decision of the mediator. Mediation can involve individuals, organizations, states, communities, or other parties that have a vested interest in the outcome of the dispute. Mediators are quite beneficial when parties are trying to reach an agreement because they use specialized techniques to open or improve dialogue between the parties. Each party must deem the mediator to be impartial in order for mediation to work as it should.  


Disputants may use mediation in numerous types of disputes, such as legal, commercial, diplomatic, family matters, community, and workplace. A third party representative contracts and mediates between the unions and the corporations. When a workers’ union goes on strike, a dispute takes place and the corporation hires a third party to intervene in an attempt to settle a contract or agreement between the union and the corporation.

Mediation and Arbitration in Pittsburgh

Our Arbitration Services Include:

  • Voluntary and mandatory arbitration

  • Resolution of commercial disputes

  • Binding and non-binding arbitration

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Our Mediation Services Include:

  • Commercial disputes

  • Legal disputes

  • Diplomatic disputes

  • Workplace disputes

  • Community disputes

  • Family disputes

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