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Having trouble resolving a valid claim with your insurance company? Alpern Schubert P.C. Personal Injury Attorneys has personal injury lawyers in the Pittsburgh, PA area for bad faith insurance claims and insurance coverage. Our experienced attorneys provide the personal, individualized attention you can count on to resolve your matter quickly. Whether it’s an issue with denial of a valid claim, delayed payout for a claim, or the burden of proof, we have the knowledge and skills to provide the legal recourse that you need.


In the United States, insurance companies are closely regulated through guidelines, regulatory bodies, independent commissions, and laws. These statutes and laws ensure that policyholders have complete protection against bad faith claims on the part of insurance companies that write the policies. These laws ensure that premiums are not grossly fixed or high and that the policies and contracts that are issued meet minimum standards that are set forth by regulatory bodies.


There are several ways that a bad faith action could take place. Whether the insurer denies all or part of a claim that is valid, refuses to pay for an extended period of time, or tries to lay the burden of proof solely onto the insured where the claim may not even be improvable, claimants will need the services of a skilled insurance claims attorney to ensure that their rights and interests are protected.



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Our Insurance Coverage Services Include:

  • Insurance Business Regulation

  • Insurance Claim Handling Regulation

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  • Valid insurance claims are denied

  • The insurer fails to pay a claim within a reasonable timeframe

  • The insurer has laid the burden of proof on the insured

  • Price fixing

Our Bad Faith Insurance Claim Services Include:

Other problems regarding insurance laws could surface if insurers engage in price-fixing practices. This creates an unfair competitive atmosphere for consumers and it is unethical by any regulatory agencies standards. One prime example of price fixing in the industry is when Zurich Financial Services and multiple other insurers became anti-competitive by inflating policy prices.


Insurers that are guilty of deception or fraud could face severe penalties by regulatory bodies or in lawsuits where they are being called out for their actions. These penalties could include fines or they could even have their licenses suspended or revoked. If an insurer should happen to declare bankruptcy, most countries will have regulations and independent services in place that will minimize the financial hardship impact as much as possible. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners provides these services in the United States.


Insurance law includes anything surrounding laws that govern insurance companies and their practices. In essence, it is the regulation of claim handling and insurance practices and operations. Insurance companies are subjected to the same laws that other businesses are. From land use and zoning to hour and wage laws, securities regulations, and tax laws, they must comply with the rules that are set forth by governing authorities. The regulations that are in place are designed to ensure the solvency of insurance companies. These regulations govern reserve policies, capitalization, rates, and other types of “back office” processes.


Regulation of insurance companies in the United States is almost exclusively conducted by the states and their insurance departments. Various states have different names for their regulatory agencies and regulators. In many states, the department is called the Department of Insurance, and the regulator is called the Insurance Commissioner - although there are numerous variations. The federal government has explicitly exempted insurance from federal regulation in most cases.

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