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Has your job caused an industrial injury such as disease or bodily damage? Alpern Schubert P.C. Personal Injury Attorneys provides experienced industrial accident legal representation in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas. If you need a personal injury lawyer, a workers compensation attorney, work injury lawyers, or a truck accident attorney, they are one of the leading personal injury law firms in Western Pennsylvania.


Whether you are suffering from asbestosis or a repetitive strain injury, we have the knowledge and skills that are needed to help you get the appropriate compensation for your injuries. We are known for our personal, individualized attention. Our attorneys Richard J. Schubert, Charles H. Alpern, and David C. Brumfield, have more than 85 years of combined experience to put to work for you.


Industrial accident injuries can be caused by numerous things, but they are more commonly caused by poor ergonomics, faulty equipment, negligence with equipment usage, inadequate safety training, manually handling or lifting heavy loads, inadequate clothing, hazard exposure, tangled jewelry that could get caught in machinery, and other preventable negligent practices. The organs that are most often affected include the hands, lungs, head, eyes, spine, skeleton, and the skin.


There are many hazards in the workplace such as inflammable gases, explosives, fire, extreme temperatures, electricity, high-pressure gases, powerful or sharp moving machinery, hot liquids, radiation, oxygen-free spaces, toxic gases, weak or heavy structures, working near the water, and exposure to various other materials that could be deemed as toxic.


Industrial injuries are preventable for the most part, as long as the appropriate steps are taken. The key to injury prevention is to anticipate problems by offering safety training, requiring that employees wear safety clothing, performing risk assessments, having safety guards on machinery, and many other ways. It is also wise to conduct root cause analysis to determine how accidents have been caused in the past.

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Some of the Most Common Types of Industrial Accident Cases We Handle Include

  • Air embolism. This injury occurs when compressed air comes into contact with open wounds or cuts on the skin.

  • Asbestosis. Asbestosis is caused when workers are exposed to asbestos.

  • Decompression sickness. Decompression sickness occurs when people work in a pressurized, high-ambient environment underwater.

  • Hand-arm vibration syndrome. This injury is also known as white finger or HAVS, and it occurs when people use any type of tools or equipment that vibrates.

  • Phossy Jaw. This occurs when people are exposed to white phosphorus on a regular basis.

  • Silicosis. This occurs when people work in a confined and small, dusty environment.

  • Repetitive strain injuries. These injuries are caused when workers do their job with repetitive movements.

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Some of the Most Common Types of Industrial Accident Cases We Handle

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